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Teeth Whitening

Everything you should know about teeth whitening and different ways to whiter teeth

The natural color of the teeth can vary from light grey to light yellow.  With time, the natural whiteness of the teeth fades.  Nobody is actually born with pure white teeth.   The kind of food and liquids we drink play a major role in darkening our teeth.  The color of the teeth can also be influenced by the person’s skin tone and makeup. You might have seen that people who have light skin tone have pale teeth while people with dark skin tone have bright teeth.

Teeth Whitening

You might have seen the celebrities with pearl white teeth. Are they born with such amazing teeth? No! They go for the teeth whitening treatments for getting such pearly white teeth. You don’t really need to be a rich person to get white teeth. If your teeth have been discolored then there are various kinds of teeth whitening treatments available that can give you back your effect smile.

High sugar content in our food is the cause of discoloring.  Stain from coffee, tea and other drinks can make teeth pale. They do not go away even after the day and night brushing. Even the teeth whitening toothpastes don’t work.  You cannot live with pale teeth at any cost.

A whole teeth whitening solution can be made at home. There are a variety of whitening products available at the chemist shop nowadays.  You can get a home whitening kit for whitening the teeth. You can even ask your dentist to give you a whitening kit too. The dentist will take a mold of your teeth and a tray will be made that will fit your mouth well. After lining up the tray, you will apply the whitening gel and leave it overnight or for a few hours.

Surface whiteners can also be purchased. They are mostly available in the form of toothpastes, gels and chewing gums.  These products are not that effective in whitening the teeth. Bleaches are also used for whitening. They include peroxide which helps in removing the stains.  Before using the bleaches, it is important to consult your dentist.

Scaling and polishing is also an effective remedy for whitening the teeth.  Your teeth are cleaned and they look whiter than before. However, this treatment is temporary.  You might have to come again and again for scaling and polishing which will cost a lot of money.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser whitening is the best solution for getting brighter teeth.  Whitening gel along with the laser beam is used for whitening.  Shields will be used to cover your face and gums and then the whitening gel will be applied. Each tooth is targeted in this treatment.  The laser whitening session usually prolongs and you have to schedule appointments for a few months till the procedure is fully complete.

If you want to attain the desired shade of white, then you might have to use multiple procedures because each treatment will give varying results. In the end, getting the bright teeth will be the ultimate bliss.

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